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    Fabulous images of strong, powerful women-- decisive leaders with long flowing hair. This is not mere speculation, but the result of extremely well-documented research. While I may secretly enjoy the notion of a long lost matriarchal paradise, my feminism is strong enough to withstand unpleasant truths. As a Feminist, and as a man, I am able to occupy both spheres, and while I may not be able to fully understand the full breadth of the privileges I have that my female compatriots do not have and are striving for, I recognize that Feminism is about the equality of the sexes, not man is better than woman or woman is better than man, and in this third wave, we have begun to recognize the subtle nuances that expand to gender and sexualities, that defy the dichotomy that drove the first and second waves. Popular belief, nourished by biblical myth, holds that men are the human norm form from which women were modified, whether by God or evolution, to perform a reproductive function. So what if patriarchy was the norm in virtually every society until now? Davis however, tells us that, on the contrary, "man is but an imperfect female".

    The first sex by elizabeth gould

    In "Anthropology Speaks", Gould Davis focused on taboos, chiefly incest , and aimed to show how taboos against brother-sister relationships acted to protect women against violent men. This is not mere speculation, but the result of extremely well-documented research. Fabulous images of strong, powerful women-- decisive leaders with long flowing hair. The majority of the science, the evidence, the reasoning, it's colored by conformation bias and riddled with thought terminating cliches that it can actually harm the reader's understanding of history. The difference between citations and evidence has not impressed itself upon [Gould] Davis. Millions of people, she said, most of whom were women, died by burning, drowning, hanging, or from torture during the Catholic and Protestant Inquisitions. But, boy oh boy, could Davis write. But, more importantly, my experience of reading it and my subsequent disillusionment stands for the importance of a clear-eyed willingness to seek truth wherever it may take us and to work from there. The First Sex N. According to Davis's theory, a patriarchal revolution then occurred in which nomads from the east invaded the settled queendoms and attempted to destroy all traces of female dominance. Some of her theories are indeed laughable -- that women had on average physical strength equal to men's until men deliberately started choosing to mate with weaker women, or that the XY chromosomal combination is some sort of abnormal, genetic mutation. One criticism I read of Davis is that she chooses to sources that says she is right, and based upon her inclusion of such sources as Herodotus, who she claims is incredibly reliable despite the fact that there is a surpassing amount of scholarship that he was not reliable at all, I cannot help but agree with her detractors. I should clarify that I certainly would not think wistfully of a female dominated society for its own sake. And in this sphere woman will again predominate. It stands for hope and also for my faith in women and my love for women. To view it, click here. The Song of Deborah in the Book of Judges has remained relatively intact, despite Deborah's high status, only because it is a prized Jewish literary gem. Davis gave women the tools to imagine that there really could be a society in which the sexes were equal. In the last part of The First Sex, Gould Davis attempted to show the beliefs used to subordinate women to be myths, contending that in reality women are stronger, and physically, mentally, and morally more than equal to men; and that the survival of humanity depends on the restoration of women to their former position as rulers of society. Yet the qualities that men consider "feminine" timidity, submissiveness, obedience, silliness, and self-debasement — are the very qualities best guaranteed to assure the defeat of even the most gifted aspirant. Eller's book is admirable in that it shows how these crank ideas, by basing hopes upon an imaginary past, are actually harming the possibility of creating a just and equal society in the future. On the other hand, the male reproductive organs, the testicles and the penis, vary as much among species and through the course of evolution as does the shape of the foot — from hoof to paw. Davis cites evidence of the high status of woman in classsical Greece and Rome, and vindicates many great women who masculine historians have either consigned to oblivion or turned into laughable curiosities. The First Sex reads like Chariots of the Gods? Tiamat, the mother of the Gods, creator of all. The masculinity of God is accepted almost without question in our present society, but the first deities of humankind were invariably female.

    The first sex by elizabeth gould

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      The effect of The First Sex is not one of enlightenment, but of religiosity, wherein the Cult of God is replaced not with the Cult of the Alien as in Von Danniken's Work, but the Cult of Woman, an agency that presumes itself to be superior to the Patriarchy and is equally capable of being just as chauvinistic.

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