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    Sexual expression can be frightening. And of course, naughty spirit fun got nods in Ghostbusters and Ghost By being curious and discovering what you want to explore next. One night, while making passionate, mad love, like we used to, I felt the need for a lot more peace inside myself, a lot more love Something inside told me that we could do a lot better, that sexual intercourse could help us discover new dimensions, where there was no limit between lovers. Two activities that challenge the ego structure down to its very core are meditation and sexual expression. When spiritual sex is consciously practiced, there is a quality of "mindfulness," which is heightened awareness and expanded consciousness. The result is greater partner connection, reinforcing commitment in a long-term relationship through loving communion, enhancing the bond. Many of you intuitively know the link between spirituality and sexuality through direct experience. Have they transcended the trappings of hot, animal lust and the need for genital orgasms?

    Spiritual sex stories

    It was a subtle change of roles and I felt Robert changing, becoming so tender and kind. Lucy Liu made passing reference to the experience in , as did Anna Nicole Smith in Not all believers appreciate this interpretation. And Negri believes that they are usually responding to a yearning. Through our respect for each other, we feel a sense of reverence and awe for all human beings as gods and goddesses. They could be rooted in a mixture of any of the causes mentioned above, or some other physical or mental experience—or even in encounters with actual ghosts. It may seem outrageous to view sexuality in such lofty terms. As your animal nature releases into an uninhibited expression of passion, perhaps the absolutely perfect spiritual union becomes available to you in that moment. Being of total service to your lover. Infinite possibilities and profound integration What are the actual experiences available out of diving into intimacy? Between one quarter and one half of long term relationships are beset with low desire and it is common for spouses to find other sexual outlets. With the safety created by this underlying context, all avenues of pure sexual expression open to mutual exploration. Take a moment to envision your ideal of two people engaged in spiritual sex. Love includes and embraces the entire universe. In this culture sexuality was widely understood as a pathway to spiritual ecstasy. Even as late as 3, years ago those who lived on the island of Crete recognized sexual pleasure as a wonderful way to connect with spirit, renew the abundance of the land, and unite deeply with one another. It may be a by-product of your spiritual growth, but is celibacy the ultimate goal? The result is greater partner connection, reinforcing commitment in a long-term relationship through loving communion, enhancing the bond. Spiritual sex arises out of both partners' desire for union through uninhibited self expression. But immediately before the climax we stopped, relaxed and became quiet again, happy to savoir the effervescence of our feelings. The teachings of ancient sacred sexuality traditions are a veritable garden of suggestions that I will be offering in this blog which I plan to use as a way to inspire you to practice a deeper connection with sexuality. We cannot mandate thrilling, connected sexual encounters and just because one is married and "should" be having lots of fulfilling sex, doesn't make it so. The reward for your risks is a surprise that can delight you and relight your love. In meditation and in sex, in order to become the master of your mind, you must escape from its traps that keep you absorbed at the level of thought. Not that everyone accepted this view, but everything in our Western culture supported women's sexual ignorance and encouraged men to use sex in very limited ways. We were so close to each other and I felt for the first time that a man could really understand a woman. It becomes very threatened if you surrender into the flow of sexual energy.

    Spiritual sex stories

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    A true story of spiritual warfare- spiritual attacks of sexuality.

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      By Peter Rengel If you are here on the planet to become more loving and evolve spiritually, how does sexuality fit into your picture?

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      We did the same thing a number of times and then something unexpected happened. Love includes and embraces the entire universe.

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