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    I strangle his cock with my first orgasm. When we got to the door, he pulled me in front of him and shoved me against the door, pressing his hard erection into my skin. The masculine mix of citrus and musk made my heart pound faster, and my lower body flashed into a state of arousal. Tell me, Diane, what would you like? I closed my eyes, anticipating the familiar taste of apple or cherry. My heart thundered as he slid his hands under my dress. It was about time.

    Sexy stories of love

    Fireworks danced in front of my eyes as we climaxed in unison. I sighed his name as he began to pump his finger into me even faster, slipping another finger in. He was taking charge and acting on my wild fantasy. He is so big and hard I need to orgasm again. He located my G-spot, sending a shiver down my spine. His tongue in my mouth had erased all thoughts of reading, he was probing, searching and duelling with mine. I had control, even if it was only for a few minutes. His roaming hands find their way to my clit and start to rub, my fingers join in and teach him to rub at a rhythm I enjoy. After checking my watch, I noticed the stenciled sign in the window. I paused for a second and inhaled. What would you like? Stroking him firmly, watching the beads of liquid form at his slit. I bent down and took the tip of his penis in my mouth, licking and sucking just the end of him at first. I felt his hand move to my ass as his lips crashed into mine. Report Story Walking into our honeymoon cabin, we looked around at our new surroundings. Placing him at my entrance, I held my breath as I dropped down on him, feeling full as my arse hit his thighs. I moaned his name into his mouth and he sighed, sitting me down on the edge of the tub. I have high hopes that my young lover can go all night. Did I dare risk rejection and make the first move? When he got in, I grabbed his hand, and pulled him to me, pressing my entire body against him. We held each other for several minutes before we separated. He kneels and pulls my leg up and rests my ankle on his shoulder and uses all his strength to fuck me harder still. Not at all, Diane. The relentless pressure of his mouth on mine was intoxicating. Wanting to get what I desired, I pressed my hips into his, letting him feel me where I demanded to be felt myself.

    Sexy stories of love

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      A wave of cool air engulfed me as I yanked open the glass door. A gift section was devoted to decorative candles, lime and lilac scented potpourri, exotic iced teas, and flavored coffees.

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