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    Or, are the Saudis really coming out of the closet? A typical example is a patient we treated three weeks ago who arrived at the hospital with his male partner. Within the hospital setting very often we notice patients who lead double lives. This punishment, however, is a poor deterrent. This is the closest achievement to friendship that they will ever have.

    Saudi sex blogspot

    Female sheep and donkeys seem to be the favourite. Filipinos are one of the larger groups of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia. A typical example is a patient we treated three weeks ago who arrived at the hospital with his male partner. But in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf there is a culture of sodomy. Historically, this part of the world is called Arabia and Hijaz forms its Western region and Najd its Eastern region. Carmen bin Laden, the sister-in-law of Osama bin Laden, recently published a book, in French, titled Inside the Kingdom, which is a look at the life of the idle Saudi rich. He was screaming at her in public,verbally abusing her for always being ill and simply showing an authority over his wife who was quite oblivious to the double life her husband was leading. Beheadings are public ceremonies and are quite frequent. And the court system does not exist, only Sharia law does. This punishment, however, is a poor deterrent. Brothers they do not have other than Satan and his demons. Saudi Arabia does not need 8 million migrant professionals and workers because it is a thriving economy. Or, are the Saudis really coming out of the closet? She has to always be escorted by either her husband or another man to whom Sharia laws does not allow her to marry, and this list is restricted to her father, son, grandfather, grandson, brother, uncle or nephew. If any country in the whole world in general and in the Middle East in particular that needs urgent reform, it will have to be Saudi Arabia without any speck of doubt. He should look close and clean his own dirt. They do have allies of convenience. According to Western Resistance, one of the reasons that a large segment of the Saudi population engages in homosexual acts is that it's frankly easier to mingle with members of the same sex in the highly restrictive and oppressive regime-- According to Islamic law homosexuality is punishable by death. I pride myself in being friends with a number of wonderful Saudis who have been able to break out of this decadent cycle, but they are not only a minority, but they are totally aware of the problems of their country, and they see no way out of this quagmire other than a total political change. Now they go overseas married with their wives alongside them. According to the article, most Saudi men become gay because it's easier to pick up a man than to find a woman. Because they have no pride, no shame, no dignity, and no sense of self-achievement and self-confidence, they do not want to confront Israel. There is no law that forbids it and if a young man is seen mounting a donkey, he will be harassed and pushed off, but this will be the end of the story. This is not to mention the base morality standards. Or is caused by a repressive regime that controls every aspect of its citizens' lives?

    Saudi sex blogspot

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    Colombian and Saudi Arabian Sexism Through Advertisements

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    • Faesida

      They give the rest of the world the wrong impression that all Arabs and Muslims are polygamous filthy rich scoundrels.

    • Voodoogis

      Saudis get some of their education in local universities, but many of them go to the USA, the UK, Australia and other Western English-speaking countries to further their education, all under sponsorship from their governments. This is the closest achievement to friendship that they will ever have.

    • Akilkis

      There is a percentage of homosexuals in every corner of the world and this is something perhaps genetic and no has the right to say that it is wrong.

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