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    Ive just finished doing the last remaining places in Scotland last week but it will be an ongoing job to keep it up to date. He's essentially encouraging members of his group to mass-report another Facebook group called "Sexual abuse must stop. I definitely cross all the Ts and dot the is - nothing is left to chance. This is my way of helping I suppose. Over the past year, Ive become involved with the national child abuse inquiry. He claims to be fighting child exploitation and "naming and shaming" pedophiles, and is collecting donations online to support this activity.

    Chris wittwer sex offender list

    It is protected by sophisticated anti-hacking software. He set up his website because police cannot give out such precise details. It is the only archive outside of the law enforcement agencies that stores the names and criminal acts of paedophiles, sex offenders and child killers. He has spent the last two years compiling the huge online bank of convicted sex attackers. His 44 groups on the social networking site feature 5, names and photographs of sex offenders who have been convicted of crimes in British courts. There are also frequent requests for funds on the C. They contact me because they want to stop other people suffering the same kind of abuse. Finally, I have decided that this Facebook page will be just for my personal life and I will not post about abuse on the level I did before I de-activated. Not that I could see. He says he has not heard of any offenders being harassed by the public after being exposed on his site. Child molesters are often wimps that avoid confrontation with adults, so it's rather amazing that there would have been three attacks. He has stuck religiously to only putting up details of convicted sex offenders by checking local newspapers and court records. This is my way of helping I suppose. Perhaps it's not too surprising that there's a large "Make a Donation" button that appears at the top of every page on his site, including that one. He's had some legal issues related to anger management problems at football games and other locations. Chris — who works in a warehouse at night — has spent ten years uploading court reports from local newspapers, TV and radio. From the very first day I decided to name child sex offenders, I realized that there was a vast hidden community of victims that simply held a secret that they felt they had to keep. He claims to be fighting child exploitation and "naming and shaming" pedophiles, and is collecting donations online to support this activity. Over the past few years, Ive advised and listened to many thousands of people who felt there was no where to turn including many friends who I had no idea had suffered similar childhoods. They dont want their names out there. But it did contain some people that Chris didn't like. He also gets emails a day from victims telling him when abusers are released and where they are living. He is banned from getting involved in social groups with unders for ten years after release. Chris Wittwer Campaigner Chris Wittwer says parents can use it to find out if criminals are living nearby. I always felt, that the only way to break the stigma attached to the taboo subject of child abuse was by spreading awareness and education, and to give others a platform to speak out. He went back to jail.

    Chris wittwer sex offender list

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